Troubleshooting Mail Delivery

If emails are not being received, begin by reviewing the Incoming Logs within the SpamExperts dashboard (Dashboard > Incoming > Logs)


Choose a filter time period and then use the blue search icon to show the results.

This will show a list of all emails received and passed through the SpamExperts system during the specified timeframe.

The first step is ensuring the email in question appears here. If it is not, please check MX record setup and/or that the email was indeed sent successfully by the sender.

If you can locate the email in the list, these are the key columns to look for here:

  • Main class - this indicates the category that was determined for the email. Common values include not-spam, spam, unsure
  • Status - this indicates that SpamExperts filters did with the email. Typical values include:
    • delivered: indicates the email was forwarded to the destination mail server
    • rejected: indicates the email was rejected and not delivered
    • quarantined: indicates the email was quarantined and is available to review and deliver via the Incoming Spam Quarantine page

Refer to the SpamExperts documentation linked above for handling rejected and quarantined emails.

In the event an email has the delivered status, but was not received by the recipient, please review the following section:

Other Possible Issues

Other Spam Filters

It is important to ensure you disable any Spam Filters that may be active on the destination mail server.

For cPanel users, a common one is Apache SpamAssassin™.  To disable this, login to cPanel, and navigate to Email > Spam Filters, and ensure the slide toggle for Apache SpamAssassin is in the Off position.

cPanel Email Recipient Validation

In some cases, it has been found that recipient validation can conflict with the SpamExperts forwarding.  To disable this, navigate to the Exim Configuration Manager within the WHM control panel and disable the Email Recipient Validation setting.

Disable Recipient Callout

If a message is addressed to a recipient that is not known on your destination mail server there is no reason to accept it. For this reason, the servers first check the destination server to check if the recipient email address is an existing email account for which the destination server accepts mail.

You can disable the recipient callout option from within the SpamPanel, in the Domain Level Control Panel, select General > Mailboxes Configuration.

More information on Recipient Callouts and how to use them effectively can be found here.