What is SpamExperts?

Founded in 2005 and acquired in 2017 by SolarWinds MSP, Spam Experts has rapidly grown into a leading email security provider for web-hosting, ISPs and Telecom organizations all over the world.

The companies mission is to secure email worldwide, they take pride in offering premium services and aims to lead the market in product standards.

We currently offer 3 SpamExperts products that can be bundled together however you would like to resell them, and they are the: 

Incomming Scanning

Protect your email accounts from incoming spam messages by having them first pass through SpamExperts' self-learning smart-filter before reaching your inboxes.

Outgoing Scanning

Outgoing Spam can harm your business arguably even more than incoming spam.  Protect your company's image and clients inboxes with SpamExperts Outgoing Scanning Solutions. 


Email has become most companies a main form of communication internally and externally. Make sure your companies conversations are backed up with SpamExpert's Email Archiving product.