Why Sell SpamExperts?

Email is now most companies main means of communication,  you can now give your clients the opportunity to keep their mailboxes free from spam with filtering products from a market leading supplier SpamExperts. 

SpamExperts offers affordable filtering solutions which you can resell on to existing or new clients with MarketConnect. Products come with an integrated SpamExperts Control Panel which your clients can log into to configure there filtering products whenever they want. 

Each order will be for one domain and behind that, your clients can have up to 1000 email addresses attached to use the filter/archiving product.

As with all of our MarketConnect products automatic configuration is available for Incoming and Archiving products. However, manual configuration is required for outgoing scanning

WHMCS currently fully supports the SpamExperts products with direct assistance from the SpamExperts team.

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Marketplace support team here

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