Getting Started

This guide will help you get started using the Incoming Filtering service.

This guide assumes you have purchased and provisioned a SpamExperts Incoming Filtering service via WHMCS MarketConnect.

Configuring MX Records

To use Incoming Filtering, you need to point the MX Records for the domain to the SpamExperts Hosted Cloud routes.

First remove any existing MX records from the DNS of your server.

Then set the MX records with the following priorities as SpamExperts describe:

  • mx.spamexperts.com (Priority 10)
  • fallbackmx.spamexperts.eu (Priority 20)
  • lastmx.spamexperts.net (Priority 30)

Now you will need to allow DNS to propagate for SpamExperts to recognise the MX records have changed and to filter the emails.

No further configuration is necessary. An email will be routed through the SpamExperts Cloud System initially, Spam filtered out, and the resulting clean emails forwarded on to your local mail server.