The Welcome Email

SpamExperts systems are setup to automatically configure all users to receive a “Welcome” email once the first Spam message is seen to the user. This automatically adds user to the “Periodic Protection report” page.

The “Welcome email” contains a link, where users can request a login link for their own account. This gives them the option to log directly into the interface (or via IMAP) and to access their own log search, manage quarantined messages, view their own delivery queue and other settings.

What happens next?

Once a user has been set up, and the welcome email has been sent, they will receive (24 hours later) a “Protection Report”, that contains details of all the quarantined messages for this recipient in the previous 24 hours.

The daily report, contains a table of messages with the specific details on the quarantined messages. This includes the:

  • Time
  • From
  • To (only applicable on ‘domain’ reports)
  • Subject
  • Size
  • Classification
  • Releasing options


Releasing Options

Each report has multiple options per message. These options can be executed directly from within the report without having to login. These are:

  • Release: This releases the message and delivers to the recipient without reporting this as a classification mistake
  • Release and Train: This releases the message and delivers to the recipient and also reports this as a classification mistake to the engines.
  • Whitelist sender and Release: This releases the message and delivers to the recipient, and also whitelists the “From:” address
  • Blacklist Sender and Remove: This deletes the message from the quarantine and blacklists the “From:” address.


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