How to: Resolve a "Domain already exists" error.

This error will occur when you attempt to configure a SpamExperts product, but the domain already exists on the SpamExperts platform as a primary or alias domain. If the domain was previously owned by yourself and used within the MarketConnect platform, we recommend the following steps to resolve this behaviour.

1. Use the "Terminate" module command on any previous spam experts products you have with us for the same domain. You can find the module commands list on the product page in your WHMCS admin, to get there:

  • Search for the product domain using the global search in the top right corner
  • Click the SpamExperts product from the drop-down list or the parent hosting account if its an addon service and then select the SpamExperts product from the 'Add-ons' list.
  • Navigate to the 'Module Commands' list on the product page.
  • Click 'Terminate' module command to completely cancel the SpamExperts product.

2. You cancel any SpamExperts products with the same domain you have directly with SpamExperts or any other third party sellers.  

I haven't used this domain before in SpamExperts and I am still getting this error

The domain could have been potentially added as an alias domain for another SpamExperts product. This would also count for any subdomains of the domain you are attempting to configure, you can read more on alias domains and how they are added via the SpamExperts panel here: https://documentation.solarwindsmsp.com/mail-assure/documentation/Content/C_Domain%20Level/incoming/manage-domain-aliases.htm

To remove a domain alias in the SpamExperts panel, follow these steps:

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, go to General > Domain aliases. TheDomain aliases page is displayed.
  2. To search for a specific alias, use the Query Rules panel to set up your search filters.
  3. Click on Show Results to show all matching aliases.
  4. Using the dropdown to the left of each alias, you can choose to edit or remove the alias.

If you believe the domain was added as an alias to a product you no longer have control over, please read further to understand how you can get additional support.

Further Support

All support for our Market Connect SpamExperts products is done via our in-house support here at WHMCS.

Please get in touch with us here via the Marketplace Support Team for any queries regarding your SpamExperts products.