Troubleshooting a 550 - Authentication/Relay error message

After configuring the SpamExperts email filtering service, emails may bounce with an error message similar to:

550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail
   client, or login to the 550-IMAP/POP3 server before sending your message.
   mx48.antispamcloud.com 550-[]:54550 is not permitted to relay
   through this server 550 without authentication.
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To resolve this, make sure that after changing the MX records the Mail Exchanger in cPanel is set to Local Mail Exchanger:

cPanel Local Mail Exchanger

SpamExperts recommend reviewing the information in the following knowledgebase article for further information:

  • https://documentation.solarwindsmsp.com/spamexperts/documentation/Content/C_Domain%20Level/incoming/incoming-rejection-classifications.htm?Highlight=550