Configuration Error: MX Records Are Already Pointing at SpamExperts

This error indicates that the domain associated with this order already has an MX record that points to spamexperts.com. This is preventing SpamExperts from provisioning an account for the domain.

To resolve this,  you will need to:

  •  Remove the SpamExperts MX records you already have configured and allow DNS to propagate (this can take up to 24 hours).
  •  Configure the SpamExperts service (once the DNS has resolved the domain will be allowed to configure).
  •  Re-add the SpamExperts MX records.

You should only change the MX records for the domain if the service has been configured on the SpamExperts system.

If you experience an issue after removing the SpamExperts MX records from the domain, then get in touch with Marketplace support for assistance.