Benefits of WHMCS MarketConnect

What is MarketConnect?

MarketConnect is an easy to use digital services reselling platform from WHMCS.

WHMCS MarketConnect enables you to resell well known brands including Symantec, Weebly and SpamExperts with fully automated provisioning, delivery and management built-in to WHMCS.

Below are some of the benefits of using MarketConnect.

No minimum commitments or contracts

With WHMCS MarketConnect, you can start selling in minutes. There are no contracts to agree to and no minimum deposit or spend amounts. You simply pay for what you resell.

Easy to get started

WHMCS MarketConnect automates the process of setting up and configuring products for sale. 

Ready made marketing and promotional materials

All WHMCS MarketConnect products and services come with ready made landing pages that become accessible on your website as soon as you activate selling a service. These pages give you the ideal place to promote your new service offerings to your customers. 

Plus they're fully templated so you can customise them as you wish.

Competitive pricing

With our tiered pricing system, you get competitive prices right from the start and can benefit from even greater discounts as you sell more. All products and services come with a recommended retail price, but you're free to adjust that and set the selling price to your customers to whatever you wish giving you complete complete.

Full automation

There are many benefits to using MarketConnect to sell value added services to your customers. One of the biggest is the automation that WHMCS provides. Service provisioning and deployment is fully automated for all the major control panels including cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin, and clients get instant access to web based services such as Weebly, SpamExperts and SiteLock via single sign-on. Full automation means better experiences for your customers and less work for you, so it's a win win.

Exclusive access

A number of products available through MarketConnect are available exclusively to WHMCS MarketConnect users.  Set yourself apart from your competition with these services.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the benefits of MarketConnect please get in touch with our team via https://marketplace.whmcs.com/help/connect