Deposit funds

This guide assumes you have already completed MarketConnect registration/activation and are on the Setup > MarketConnect page within your WHMCS admin area.

Click the Deposit Funds button in the Your Account panel.

You will see the following message to indicate you are being redirected to the https://marketplace.whmcs.com/

Upon the redirect, you will be taken to the Deposit Funds page.

You can make a deposit using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. In this demo, we will use PayPal.

Click the Make Deposit button and you will be redirected to PayPal

Login to your PayPal account to complete the payment process.

Upon completing payment, you will be returned to the WHMCS Marketplace and if successful, will see a confirmation message as below and your balance will be updated.

Please allow up to a few minutes for your balance to update.

NOTE: This process needs to be completed each time funds are added to an account. Credit cards will not automatically be charged upon a low balance.

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