January 2019

CodeGuard Website Backup – New for MarketConnect in WHMCS 7.7

In WHMCS 7.7 we've introduced support for CodeGuard Website Backup.

With CodeGuard, you can offer your customers an independent off-site backup solution for their websites. With automated daily backups, using CodeGuard means deleted files are now recoverable, overwritten files are now obtainable, and if a site is hacked, the malware is easily removable. All on-demand for your customers without needing to contact you for help.

Website Backup

CodeGuard's Website Backup service provides protection against corruption, data loss, hackers, and malware, as well as common everyday mistakes where files are deleted or overwritten.

With CodeGuard, customers get access to an independent off-site backup, stored independently from their web hosting company that ensures they always have a copy of their website even in the event of a disaster. All without anything to install.

CodeGuard features include:

Nothing to Install - backups are taken via Secure FTP

Self Service Control Panel - Enabling users to view and manage their website backups themselves

One-click Restores - Users can initiate automatic restores of either a single file or their entire website on-demand. Manual restores can also be performed via a zip file download option.

Incremental backups - After the initial backup is performed, future backups are done incrementally to minimize disk space usage and costs for customers.

MySQL Database Backups - CodeGuard automatically detects databases for popular CMS systems and attempts to automatically connect and take backups. For any other databases, backups can be configured manually by providing connection credentials and information.

File Change Monitoring - CodeGuard monitors websites being backed up for changes daily and proactively alerts users by email to any additions, deletions, or changes to help users identify unauthorized or unintentional changes earlier.

Independent Offsite Backup - With CodeGuard, your customers get a fully independent backup for added peace of mind.

Secure Backups - Backups are stored in the highly durable Amazon S3 Service with server-side encryption as standard.

To start offering CodeGuard to your customers, simply upgrade to WHMCS 7.7 and navigate to Setup > Apps and Integrations and search for CodeGuard to activate it.

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