Your first sale

An order for a MarketConnect product appears just like any other order in your WHMCS installation.

To place your first order, follow the steps below. If you have received an order from a customer, skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Place an order

To place an order for a MarketConnect service from your admin area, navigate to Orders > Add New Order.

Choose the desired product, billing cycle and enter the domain it is to be for. Then click Submit Order.

Step 2: Provision the order

All MarketConnect products have fully automated provisioning triggered upon payment of the order.

If you want to activate without receiving payment for the order, or this is a personal order for yourself, you will need to accept the order ensuring the Run Module Create option is checked to trigger the provisioning. This option is checked by default for all MarketConnect products.

Upon a successful activation, you will see a green confirmation like the one below.

This confirms to you the order was successfully submitted to the WHMCS MarketConnect service and provisioned successfully.

Now you can manage the order. To do that, click the item label as indicated below.

Step 4: Manage the order

Once an order has been activated and provisioned, all subsequent order management can be done from the Products/Services tab within a clients profile.

Some key areas are highlighted below.

  1. The Order # highlighted in number 1 is the unique order ID within your WHMCS installation and the View Order link can be used to return to the order at any time.
  2. The Module Commands are the management actions you can perform for this service. The module commands will vary based upon the service being managed. In all cases, we have 5 standard buttons:

    - Create - This allows you to attempt provisioning for an order. This will fail should the order have already been provisioned.
    - Renew - Submits a renewal request for the order. Renewals are submitted automatically upon payment of a renewal invoice in your WHMCS system so this option is provided only as a backup should that fail for any reason.
    - Terminate - Submits a cancellation request for the order to the Marketplace.

  3. The Service Management Panel provides information about the service, including its current status. A number of buttons are provided for admin management actions, the details of which are provided on the corresponding vendor's documentation page.
  4. The Order Number highlighted in number 3 is the WHMCS MarketConnect Order Number. You can use this to refer to the order with WHMCS support and to reference the transaction inside your Marketplace billing history.

Further reading

This article covers the basics of placing and managing an order for a MarketConnect service.

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