Landing Pages

What are the Landing Pages?

In MarketConnect, we have a pre made landing page for your store for every brand of products we offer. This includes Symantec SSLs, Weebly website builder, SpamExperts email filtering and SiteLock website security. When you activate any of these brands through MarketConnect the landing page will become visible in the client area for your WHMCS system.

The purpose of the landing page is to inform your clients of the MarketConnect products in a manner that is professional and also automatic for you as an admin. It gives information on the overall company, the individual products as well as prices and other information dependent on the service.  

Where to find the Landing Pages

The Landing pages appear under the store dropdown by default, between the "Browse All" and "Register a New Domain" in the same space as "Shared Hosting". Shown above is the default labels for each landing page in the drop-down.

When a service is activated, ready-made landing pages will be created which provide ready-made sales information and direct access to the order flow. The URL of the landing pages depends up the Friendly URL Setting. Assuming Full Friendly URLs, the format is:

Assuming that your WHMCS installation is located at http://yoursite.com/whmcs/

By default, links to these pages will be added to the Store primary navigation menu when the service is activated. These links can be added or removed under the Other Settings tab when managing a service.

How to Customize the Landing Page

The MarketConnect landing pages are controlled by template files and can be customised by editing the files located within the store directory of your active WHMCS template.