Customise your pricing

This guide assumes you have already completed MarketConnect activation for at least one product and are on the Setup > MarketConnect page within your WHMCS admin area.

Click the Manage button.

Select the Products tab.

Click the product name you wish to manage, for this demo we'll select Starter.

All available cycles will be displayed, along with your cost price, and recommend retail price.

  1. The enable checkbox allows you to control if the service should be available for that billing cycle. Unchecking the box will remove the option for customers during signup.
  2. Your cost shows the price you pay for the service for a given cycle, as well as the per month cost.
  3. Recommended Selling Price is the recommended retail price for the service as recommended by the vendor. The recommended price per month is also shown.
  4. Your Selling Price is the price you charge your customers. You can change this value as you desire. Prices will automatically be set for non-USD currencies based on the amount you enter here and the exchange rates defined in Setup > Currencies.

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