What happens when my account balance is low?


Placing new and renewal orders deducts the service cost price from the account's points balance.

If the number of points available to spend is less than the cost price of a service, it will not be provisioned.

The following error will be recorded in the WHMCS installation's Activity Log and Module Queue:

Error: Insufficient balance. Please add funds and then try again. Cost Price: $16.56 Current Balance: $10.06

The credit card or PayPal details used from the previous transaction will not automatically be used to refill the account. Adding funds is a manual process.


The error message details the cost of the service and the account's current balance.

To resolve this error follow these steps:

  1. Add Funds to the Marketplace account via https://marketplace.whmcs.com/account/deposit
  2. Login to your WHMCS administration area,
  3. Navigate to Utilities > Module Queue
  4. Locate the MarketConnect create action.
  5. Click the corresponding Retry button:

6. A Success message should now be displayed.

7. Click the Hosting Addon or Hosting Account link

8. Review the Service Management panel to confirm that the Order Status is Active:

The service has now been provisioned successfully.

For information on the different statuses for each service, please refer to the relevant section of our knowledgebase.

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