Email Notifications

You can customise the email notifications you receive from the WHMCS Marketplace.

To access these settings, login to your WHMCS Marketplace account and navigate to My Account > Settings.

The Email Notifications panel located to the right of the page allows you to enable or disable individual email notifications you will receive during regular use of the WHMCS Marketplace.

The following email notifications can be enabled or disabled in this way:

  • New Purchases - This email is sent when a new order is created. Typically this will occur due to a customer placing an order within your WHMCS installation and the order being accepted or auto provisioned.
  • Renewals - This email is sent when a renewal order is placed. Renewals can be triggered manually via the WHMCS admin area or by payment of an invoice.
  • Upgrades - This email is sent when an upgrade order is placed. 
  • Fund Deposits - This email is sent when funds are deposited to your Marketplace account.

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues with the email notification system please get in touch with our Marketplace support team here.  

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