Troubleshooting Order Not Found Errors


A module command fails with the error Order Not Found and the Service Management panel for the service displays an order status of Order Not Found:


The order number that you provided for Order Number is invalid, or it belongs to a different Marketplace account than the one that you have linked to your WHMCS installation.


To resolve the issue:

1. Go to Clients > Products/Services > Other Services or Clients > Service Addons.

2. Find and click on the service or addon.

3. Review the contents of Order Number to ensure that it is valid. 

If you are unsure about its validity, check the Order Confirmation email from the WHMCS Marketplace.

In the above example, the 123 is not a valid Marketplace order number.

4. Click Save Changes.

A blank space at the beginning of the order number invalidates it and could cause this error.

You may also need to ensure that you have linked your WHMCS installation to the MarketConnect credentials for the account that owns the order:

1. Go to Configuration > System Settings > MarketConnect.

2. Find the Linked to account in the Your Account section:

WHMCS - MarketConnect

3. Ensure that the linked account is the account that owns the order. If you are unsure, check the billing history.

4. If you need to change the linked account:

i. Click Disconnect.

ii. Follow the displayed instructions to log in using your current credentials.

iii. Click Login.