Troubleshooting: This order has already been renewed


When you attempt to renew or reorder a Marketplace order, you may encounter a This order has already been renewed error:

Module Command Error - This order has already been renewed.


When you renew a MarketConnect service, the system generates a unique order number.

WHMCS's logic limits each individual Marketplace order number to one renewal in order to prevent duplicate renewals. Because of this, the system will prevent renewal if it has successfully completed the Renew Module Command against the current order number for the service.


To resolve this error, correct the service's order number:

1. Go to the Log tab in the client profile.

2. In Description, search for the service's ID (in this example, 11).

3. Note the timestamp next to the most recent Module Renewal Successful log entry for the service.

4. In your email records, find the Order Confirmation email from WHMCS Marketplace (marketplace@whmcs.com) that corresponds to this log entry.

The Order Confirmation email goes to the linked email address in the top-right corner at Configuration > System Settings > MarketConnect.

5. Note the order number in the email subject.

Order Confirmation email with Order Number

6. In WHMCS, return to the client profile's Products/Services tab and select the affected MarketConnect service record (in this example, 11).

7. Enter the order number from step 5 in Order Number.

8. Click Save Changes.

Enter Order Number into Client's Products/Services tab

9. Click Renew for Module Commands.

Renew Module Command button