Adding Promotion Codes to Marketplace Deposits

Occasionally, WHMCS will have seasonal or promotional offers that you can apply when adding funds to your Marketplace account, these offers will be in the form of a promotional code that you can only apply when making the deposit for Marketplace credits.

 To do this you must log into your account in the marketplace and from here go to My Account > Deposit Funds as shown in the screenshot below.

Adding the Promo Code

When you click on Deposit Funds you will be taken to this page below. Choose whether you want to use PayPal or Card Payment and then underneath the amount click the Click Here text in the promotion code message.

A new input box will appear as shown below and after you add the code click the make a deposit button to use your code.

If the deposits go through as normal then the code was valid and will have been applied to your deposit.

If the promotion code is not valid then a red error message will appear and your deposit will not of gone through and make sure you add the code again in any future deposits.