Expiration and Grace Period

When a MarketConnect service expires it will enter a 'Grace Period'. The service record of the service remains active in MarketConnect but all functionality of the service will be removed.

This period of time is designed to allow your clients to renew late without the need to place a new order every time the service expires.

Below are the lengths of time for each MarketConnect service's 'Grace Period':

Product Suite Grace Period Length
marketgoo 90 days
OpenXchange 30 days
CodeGuard  30 days
SiteLock 60 days
DigiCert No action is taken; the SSL will cease to function on the day of its expiry. 

Renewing during Grace Period

The Grace Period is designed to allow a service that has expired to still be eligible for renewal. Therefore, the usual method of renewal by the client paying the automatically generated renewal invoice is still viable.

Or if you do not wish to receive payment for the service (ie. providing a free renewal without marking an invoice paid in your WHMCS installation), click the Renew Module Command on the Products/Services tab on your product page in your WHMCS admin to force a renewal.

WHMCS - Client Profile

What happens after the grace period?

At the end of this grace period the domain will be removed from the system and a new product will need to be created.

When attempting to renew you will be met with an error message:

This order has expired and can no longer be renewed. Please place a new order
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At this point, the client would then need to create a new order to proceed. In the WHMCS Admin Area you can use the Terminate module command to remove this service and then Create module command to generate a fresh service if you do not wish for the client to create a whole new order again.