How To Manually Configure an SSL Certificate

If you are not currently providing hosting through WHMCS, you will need to manually configure certificates on domains.

If you are hosting the domain in WHMCS, use the steps in SSL Walkthrough for Domains with Hosting Account.


First, make certain that you have already purchased and paid for your certificate. To check this:

  1. Log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.
  2. Go to the client's profile and choose the Products/Services tab.
  3. Select the SSL certificate product from the menu and click Go.
  4. Check to ensure that the Order Status is Awaiting Configuration.

Configuring you SSL Certificate

To configure the SSL certificate manually:

1. In the Service Management section of the Products/Services tab, click Manually Configure Certificate.

2. In the window that appears, select a Server Type and enter your CSR. For help with generating CSRs,  see How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

3. Click Next.

4. Enter the administrator's contact information. If you are unsure of the information to enter, you can go to the client's profile and use the profile information.

Choose a Validation Method

For certificate validation, manual configurations must use the email method.

When you use the email method, the system sends an email to an email address at the associated domain. If you do not have an email address set up for the domain you will not be able to complete validation.

The list of email addresses to choose from is generated by Symantec, and, for security reasons, you can only use one of these addresses. Select the desired address, making sure that that address exists and that you have access to it.

Then, click Next.

Follow the displayed instructions to complete SSL configuration.