SSL Walkthrough for Domains with Hosting Account

This guide is to help you with provisioning and configuring an SSL order with MarketConnect for a domain already linked to a hosting account within your WHMCS Admin. We can fully automate the configuration of the certificate and install it directly onto the hosting space you have allocated for that domain.

Make sure you have MarketConnect setup and Symantec SSLs active by going to Setup > MarketConnect and activating the Symantec SSL Services. 

Provisioning the order

When a client makes an order for a new hosting product, if you are currently actively selling SSL's through MarketConnect it will suggest adding one of the SSL as an addon in the checkout. 

If the customer already has a web hosting service and they buy an SSL for the same domain and it will add the product as an addon for this web hosting package.

New orders will show up at the top in the "pending orders" link or you can see all your orders via:  Orders > List All Orders

Below  is how the order should always look for SSL you would like to automatically install; there must be a Shared Hosting package as the parent item and then the SSL as the addon.

Creating the order in the Admin

You can also create the order yourself in the admin area by following these steps:

  1. Click  Orders > Create New Order 
  2. Select the new hosting product the client will use form the Product/Service dropdown menu
  3. A selection of addons will now appear, tick the SSL certificate you wish to automatically provision with this hosting account.
  4. Click Submit Order

Below is an order for a Basic Web Hosting service with a Rapid SSL certificate ticked as an addon for the order:

Alternatively you might have a customer who already has a web hosting product set up and running and now they would like to add an SSL certificate to their hosting products domain. If the client bought the SSL from the client area themselves and added it to the same domain as their hosting package then WHMCS will add the certificate as an addon to the hosting product and automatic configuration will be available. 

If you want to do this in the admin area you must not create a new order for the SSL certificate but follow these steps:

  1. Locate the hosting product: you can do this by going to Orders > List All Orders or by searching for the domain in the Intelligent Search in the top-right corner of the admin area.
  2. Click on the Shared Hosting link on the order and it will take you to the Product/Services tab for the order.
  3. Click Add Addon to add an SSL certificate to the order (as shown below).

4.  On the Add New Addon page, select the SSL Certificate product you wish to auto-provision from the Predefined Addon dropdown menu, as shown below:

Configuring the SSL

Make sure everything is set up correctly at this point:

  • Hosting Service is the main parent product with the SSL as a defined addon. 
  • The hosting product has valid cPanel or Plesk log in credentials. 
  • Payment has been accepted or you have accepted the order manually.

If everything is set up correctly, once payment has been accepted from the client then the automatic install will happen straight after this.


Alternatively you can provision the service in the admin area before payment has taken place if you wish:

  1. Navigate to the SSL product/addon. You can do this by going to Orders > List All Orders or by searching for the domain in the Intelligent Search in the top-right corner of the admin area
  2. Hit the Create Module Command button. At this point you will be charge marketplace credits for the order.

3.  Your order status should go from "Not Yet Provisioned" to "Awaiting Configuration" .

4. Click Attempt Automatic Configuration

5. You should see green success message saying the certificate has been installed and the order status will become "Active".


Should you encounter any further problems after following these steps, please open a ticket with our Marketplace support here.