SSL Walkthrough for Standalone Domain

You may wish to order an SSL certificate for a domain that isn't associated with a hosting account in WHMCS. Registering SSL certificates in this way maximizes profit by allowing you to sell SSL certificates on websites that you don't host.

In this context, a standalone domain is a domain that does not match an existing hosting product's domain. This does not apply to independently-ordered certificates for domains that do match an existing hosting product's domain.

Provisioning the Order

When the a client orders an SSL certificate on a domain they haven't registered with you, an order will be made as normal.

You can view and work with the order in the Admin Area atOrders > Pending Orders. For example, the image below displays a typical order for a RapidSSL certificate:

If you created this order in the Admin Area, you would create it normally at Orders > Add New Order.

Configuring the order

By default, WHMCS performs configuration automatically on payment.However, if you wish, you can choose to provision the order and configure it before payment using the service management section below. Once you have accepted the order, you will be able to access the product tab for the new SSL certificate by clicking the Product/Service link in the order.

You can view the service in the Service Management section of the Products/Services tab of the client profile.

When configuring the DCV option, you will need to generate a CSR manually through the hosting control panel you use. For example, you can find a guide for doing this in cPanel & WHM here.

Email Client Link to Configure

Send a link via email to the client to configure the certificate in the Client Area. They will need to supply the server they use and fill in the information to match the CSR.

Manually Configure Certificate

Manually configure the certificate for your client without the need to access the email link. You will need the CSR and can choose a supported DCV method during the process.

Attempt Automatic Configuration

Automatically configure the certificate by generating a CSR and submitting it to DigiCert prior to issuance. This method only works for SSL certificates that you add to supported hosting packages and won't work for a standalone SSL certificate order.

Attempt Automatic Install

Automatically install the certificate onto your hosting package after issuance. This is the final step.