SSL Walkthrough for Standalone Domain

This article is to guide you through an order for an SSL certificate for a domain that is not associated with a hosting account with your WHMCS Admin system. MarketConnect allows you to register SSL this way to maximize profit by increasing the opportunity for sales of SSL on websites not hosted by yourself. This does mean however that the  file automation will not work for these SSL as WHMCS has no linked hosting space where it can automatically add the certificate and will require either Email or Manual configuration of the certificate.

Provisioning the Order

When the a Client makes an order for a SSL certificate on a domain they don't already have registered with you, an order will be made just like for any other product.

You can view the order via the Orders > Pending Orders  section in the admin. From here you can click into the order and deal with it as you would any other.

Below is what a typical order would look like for a Rapid SSL certificate.

If you were to create this order in the admin with out the client doing it in the client area then you would create this order like a normal one using Orders > Add new order

Configuring the order

Payment for the order from the client will automatically trigger the automation via Email but you can choose to provision the order and configure it with the service management section shown below before receiving payment if you choose. Once you have accepted the order, you will be able to access the product tab for the new SSL certificate by clicking the Product/Service link in the order.

In the admin area you will be able to see the Service Management section in the Product/Service link of the SSL certificate where you will be given three different ways for the SSL to be configured, for standalone orders only the email and manual options will be valid. Both of these options will require you to generate a CSR manually through the hosting manager you use, a guide for doing this via WHM can be found here.

Email Client Link to Configure: This will send an email to the client to follow a link to configure the certificate in the client area. They will need to supply what web server they use and fill in there information again to match that of the CSR.

Manually Configure Certificate: This is the way you can manually configure the certificate for your client without them having to access the email link that was sent out. You will need to have the CSR and also the information used to generate it again, also you will need to set up an approver email on the domain to prove that you own it i.e. admin@domain.com or postmaster@domain.com

Attempt Automatic Configuration: This is how we can automatically install the certificate onto your hosting package, this only works for SSL's added on to hosting packages and won't work for a standalone SSL order.