SSL Order Statuses

When you order an SSL, it will move through various stages and show different status throughout the order process. This article is designed to assist you recognise what status your SSL is currently at and what you can do to move through the process.

Attempt Configuration

This status means that your SSL has not yet submitted any configuration data, to do this manually you will need to generate a CSR from the intended server destination. If you believe the SSL should be configured automatically and you see this status, then you can use the 'Attempt Automatic Configuration' button in your admin to try again and if there are any errors contact our support team.

Waiting for manual vetting

This status means that your configuration has been submitted and the SSL issuer is currently waiting to manually process if the informaiton was correct. Usually this is just for higher level SSL certificates and any information on this stage should be emailed to the SSL contact from the issuer. If your SSL has been in this status for over 5 days feel free to get in touch with the support team.

Waiting for authentication

This means that the SSL issuer is waiting for the selected domain name verification to complete. Either the 'File' or 'Email' option you chose has yet to be completed. If you are struggling at this stage then you can get in touch with our support team and we can check the file or resend the approval email if necessary.


This means all the above stages have completed and your SSL is ready to install, a full cert file will have been emailed to the SSL admin contact and we may have already automatically installed your certificate if possible. If you are still having problems and your site isn't showing as secure than please contact the Marketplace support team.