SSL Order Statuses

The information below describes SSL issuance via standard DCV polling. Issuance uses standard DCV polling for all SSL certificate orders in WHMCS 8.6 and earlier and for orders that cannot use Instant Issuance in WHMCS 8.7 and later. For more information about Instant Issuance, see SSL Certificate Instant Issuance.

When you order an SSL certificate, it will move through various stages and show different statuses throughout the order fulfillment process. If you need help at any step in this process, contact our support team.

Attempting Configuration

The system will attempt configuration if your SSL certificate is not associated with any configuration data. To do this manually, generate a CSR from the intended server destination. You can then submit it by clicking Manually Configure Certificate.

If the SSL certificate was purchased as an addon for a hosting service, you can configure it automatically by clicking Attempt Automatic Configuration.

Waiting for manual vetting

This status indicates that your configuration has been submitted and the SSL issuer is currently waiting to manually process whether the information was correct. This status only occurs for OV and EV certificates, and any information on this stage should be emailed to the SSL contact from the issuer.

If your SSL certificate has been in this status for more than five days, make certain to contact our support team.

Waiting for authentication

This status indicates that the SSL issuer is waiting for the selected domain name verification to finish. The authentication method you chose has yet to be completed.


This status indicates that all of the above stages have finished and your SSL certificate is ready to install. The SSL admin contact will receive a full certificate file via email and, if possible, we may have already automatically installed your certificate.