Change Approver Email

This article will guide you through the process of changing the approver email for an already configured SSL Certificate order.

The Approver Email can be changed both by admin users via the admin area and by client end users via the client area.

Steps for Admin Level Users

1. Locate the SSL Certificate within the admin area.

2. Click the Change Approver Email button found in the module command options as indicated above.

3. Choose the new desired approver email from the options displayed and click Submit.

Note that the options for the approver email are defined by Symantec and no other email addresses may be used.

Upon submission of the new approver email, the selected email address will immediately receive a new email containing a link to approve the SSL order.

The owner of the email address simply needs to follow that link to confirm the SSL Certificate order is genuine and allow it to progress to the next step of the certificate provisioning process.