This certificate cannot be renewed Error


When renewing an SSL certificate, you may see the following error:

Error: This certificate cannot be renewed. Please place a new order.
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If you see this, the system has already refunded the renewal order and returned the cost to your MarketConnect points balance.


DigiCert made a procedural change to SSL certificate renewals in May 2022.

You can only renew an SSL certificate after Domain Control Validation completion and certificate issuance. You can no longer renew certificates with a status of Pending Issuance.

If the system did not validate or issue a previous order at any time in the certificate's history, you cannot renew the certificate.


You can place an order for a new SSL certificate when you go to Orders > Add New Order.

To do this:

  1. Choose the client's account from Client.
  2. Choose the type of certificate from Product/Service.
  3. Enter the Domain.
  4. Click Submit Order.

5. Under Manage Orders, check Run Module Create.

6. Click Accept Order.

This will allow you to issue a new SSL certificate for the same domain. If you have already invoiced the client for renewal, you can credit the customer with a portion of the amount that they paid in the Refund tab for the invoice.