Why Sell SSL Certificates?

With the release of Chrome 68, Google’s browser will display a “Not Secure” warning next to the website in the address bar if the site is not secured an SSL certificate. Now websites that are designed to attract customers and transactions will need SSL protection, so customers aren't warned off by browsers for potentially insecure connections. This means more people will want to have their site secured by an SSL, so now is a better time to start selling than ever!

Why is this happening?

Google and Mozilla, the two most popular web browsers that together account for over 65% of web traffic, have been working to increase SSL usage for a while now. Last year they began to make changes that encouraged the use of SSL by marking sites with forms and input fields on pages served via HTTP as Not Secure. 

Now, with the release of Chrome 68 , Google is stepping things up even more by labeling any website served via HTTP as "Not Secure"

In addition to increased consumer confidence, HTTPS has many other advantages for website owners. HTTPS is faster and more secure than it's HTTP counterpart, it's also been proven to help with SEO rankings, and provides the ability to use HTTP/2 for even greater speed improvements. 

EV Certificates (High Level Security)

EV, or Extended Validation, is the highest class of SSL available today and gives more credibility and trust to your website than other SSL Certificates. They include features such as the green address bar and display of your company name that have been proven to boost trust and consumer confidence.

These certificates and their features aren't available on free SSL options, but you can offer them to clients who want serious security with MarketConnect.

What MarketConnect can offer you

MarketConnect will allow you to resell DigiCert's wide range of SSL certificates to clients, from the simple domain validation to the high-level EV business certificates for all your client's needs. 

Using MarketConnect's automatic features, you will be able to automatically configure and install SSL certificates onto hosting accounts within your WHMCS installation with no need for manual intervention by staff or clients. We'll not only purchase the certificate, but also generate the CSR, submit to the Certificate Issuer, and then install it as soon as it is issued. The whole process takes only a matter of minutes. (This feature requires the SSL product to be setup as and addon to a hosting account within your WHMCS installation).

MarketConnect can also provide standalone SSL certificates for use on other hosting providers. The client can use the traditional SSL configuration process, increasing your potential sales. 

DigiCert is one of the markets leading SSL providers with products you and your customers can trust, and all their products come with a 30-day refund guarantee too.

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