Reissuing a Certificate

You may need to have your SSL certificate reissued for various reasons, such as:

  • A change to your CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • The loss of a private key

For a certificate to be reissued, the approver email must approve the reissue.  Approval can only be done via the approval email, not DNS nor file approval email validation.    

Reissuing a certificate does not allow the domain to be changed

1. What are the steps?

  1. To re-issue a certificate login to the WHMCS administration area
  2. Locate the SSL certificate service you wish to reissue
  3. Click the Summary tab
  4. Click Login as Owner
  5. Navigate to Services > My Services in the client area menu. 
  6. This will list all the active services for the client, click the SSL  you wish to reissue to take you to that SSL's product page. If the SSL is an addon to a hosting account, you will select the hosting account product, then choose the 'Addons' tab to locate the SSL. 
  7. Click the Reissue Certificate button in the Actions sidebar:
  8. Paste the new CSR then click Continue
Login as Owner
Reissue Certificate
Enter new CSR

When the information is submitted, an approval email will be sent to the Approval Email address. Once approval is completed the certificate will be sent to the Tech Contact email address.

For a certificate to be reissued, the approval email must approve the reissue.  Approval can only be approval email done via the approval email, not DNS nor file validation.    

2. How long does it take for my SSL Certificate to be issued?

The time it takes for an SSL Certificate to be issued will vary depending on the type of SSL Certificate. Note: some processing may take longer if additional information is required for the following:

  • Domain Validation: Typically within minutes. In some rare cases, can be held for additional validation.
  • OV & EV: Digicert begins processing all orders within one business day and your SSL Certificate will be issued once authentication is complete. During the validation process, Digicert will send you communications on any required actions that need to be completed by you such as validating the business or organization. Authentication for new certificates could take 24 hours or up to several days, depending on the verification information you provide and whether or not your certificates are pre-approved.