My SSL Status is Pending. What Can I Do?

The information below describes SSL issuance via standard DCV polling. Issuance uses standard DCV polling for all SSL certificate orders in WHMCS 8.6 and earlier and for orders that cannot use Instant Issuance in WHMCS 8.7 and later. For more information about Instant Issuance, see SSL Certificate Instant Issuance.

After configuring an SSL certificate, you will usually see the Pending status. The length of time during which your certificate remains in this status varies based on the level of validation for that certificate (one or more DCV methods).

WHMCS - Client Profile

Domain Control Validation

This validation stage applies for every SSL certificate, using various methods depending on the certificate. This includes email validation, DNS validation, and file validation. In most cases, this process is automated. As soon as validation is complete, the Certificate Authority can issue the certificate.

  • For DNS validation, you will create a DNS record with the correct record type, host, and a value from the Certificate Authority. The Certificate Authority will then review the record in order to complete validation.
  • For Email validation, the Certificate Authority will provide a list of email addresses on the certificate's domain. You will need to ensure that you can receive email at the address you choose from that list. Then, when you receive the validation email from the Certificate Authority, follow the instructions in it. Normally, this requires you to click a unique link in the email in order to complete validation.
  • For HTTP File validation, you will create a file with an HTTP path and response contents that the Certificate Authority requires. The Certificate Authority will make HTTP requests for and review the file in order to complete validation.

DNS validation requires WHMCS 8.3 or higher, while file-based wildcard validation is unsupported by DigiCert after November 15th, 2021.

Note for HTTP File Validation

Both SANs for the domain are validated separately. Ensure that the www subdomain is accessible. Eg:

  • http://<domain.com>/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt
  • http://www.<domain.com>/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt

Organization validation

Each Certificate Authority uses different methods to validate certificates before issuance. For Organization Validation, this often includes reviewing public records and utility bills or other proof of office location and organizational details. Due to these requirements, certificates undergoing Organization Validation often remain in the Pending status for a longer time period.

Digicert will contact the company requesting the certificate to validate ownership of the domain. A list of acceptable documents is provided at SSL Certificate Validation & Documentation.

These documents can be provided to Digicert via Email or Fax.

You can contact the Digicert Validation Chat team directly for updates on the Organisation Validation Process via https://www.digicert.com/support

Contacting Support

If you need assistance or experience problems during this process, contact Marketplace Support.