How to Purchase an SSL Certificate for Your Own Use

You can buy an SSL certificate for your own website using MarketConnect's Symantec SSL products.

  • To do this, you will need your own client account to assign the order to for the purchase of the SSL certificate.
  • The steps below assume that you don't host your site in the WHMCS Admin Area. If you do host your website there, perform the steps here.

Set up a client

Before you can perform the steps below, you must create a client for yourself. You will use this client to create your own orders.

Purchase the SSL Certificate

To purchase the SSL certificate, you will first need to create the order:

1. Go to Orders > Add New Order in the Admin Area.

2. Choose the newly-created client from your client list.

3. Uncheck Generate Invoice because you won't need this for your own domain.

4. Choose the desired SSL certificate Product/Service.

5. Enter the Domain you would like to associate with the certificate.

6. Enter the Billing Cycle.

7. Check Run Module Create.

8. Click Accept.

9. Click Product/Service. The system will direct you to the Service Management section, in which you can configure the SSL certificate.

Because you aren't hosting the domain in WHMCS, you must use manual configuration method to configure the SSL certificate.

  • To do this, you will need a CSR.
  • For more in-depth articles on this, go here.